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What Our Clients Say

I'm using this software from beginning and never ran in major problems.
Marta Healy
Los Angeles
I also wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your company’s product and the latest features.  It is wonderful to just set it up and not have to worry about it.
Ivana Wong
Great software it does minimal load on your system and its easy to use.
Alan Smith
New York
It is one of the most useful and easiest software packages I have ever used.
Patrick Pool
New York

Frequently Asked Questions

How i can manage microsofts windows terminal services protection?

All information you can found in http://www.bfguard.com/microsofts-windows-terminal-services-protection/

What is BFGuard ?

BFGuard is a simple standalone app which helps protect your machines from brute force atacks.

How to download your software ?

You can simply download our latest software version by going to download page and clicking on button “You can download free version here”.

Is there any way for it to start on it’s own after a reboot? ?

Free version could be started from scheduled tasks.

What i get for donating?

Donation keeps our servers alive and gets our project going further. After donation you will receive an email with advanced information, license key, and latest updates.

Does your software need license ?

BFGuard is FREE and works without any license and we accept only donations.