About software

BFGuard is totally free brute force protection for windows operating systems.

This program is simple app but yet very handy for people using publicly accessible windows services like Remote desktop, Microsoft SQL or SAMBA and trying to protect these services from brute force atacks. This app does not modifies any windows services and do minimal load on your system it was worked out in this way all along. It does minimal load on system even on thou sen attacks in minute or second. It acts as a part of windows, connecting windows event log and windows firewall so this app reads windows logs analyzes them and blocks attacker IP addresses over windows firewall. This app supports all software services witch adds info to windows event log so natively it supports Remote desktop connection known as RDP protocol, windows sharing known as SAMBA protocol, Microsoft SQL server and more…

BFGuard is windows firewall add-on wich helps automate defense mechanism essential existing in windows.

Here is BF Guard in action :

This software is compatible with :