How It works

1. It uses ssh connection and plink.exe from putty so you have to enable SSH

you can use any existing guides (Enable SSH on VMware ESXi 5.5 via vSphere Client | Thomas Maurer) or (Google‌ search)

2. It connects to your esxi and uploads 2 files one is backup procedures files second is scheduled backups list

3. Add scheduled file to crontab

4. Adds to regenerate schedule funcionality upon reboot ( upcoming feature)

When backup procedure starts it removes all sanpshoots, then get list of exsiting files in foldere where vm is. And makes new snapshots. Then it can copy files to other datastore. And agian removes all snapshoots. In this way you can make live VM backups.

Backup speeds depends only from ESXi host. It uses all internal ESXi funcionality.

So you have nice GUI to do all of this. And you dont nead gui to  be running al the time because it makes your esxi to do backups byitself.

To Do:

Mount NFS storage

Adds regenerate schedule functionality upon reboot (upcoming feature)

Read schedule time from host.

Known Bugs:

Sometime listboxs do not refresh.

After re-connection to other host there is some bugs.

How to:

1. Connection – > creditials -> save    or      selact profile -> load

2. Connection -> Connect

3. Now you should see all aviable VM in esxi

4. Then you should Click Schedule – > Schedule settings and adjust time when backuping starts you can use this website to adjust time settings http://crontab.guru/

5. Then you should Click Schedule – > Activate. Now you activated schedule on server.

6. Select VM and click Add> it to schedule. Now you can click Edit> to modify storage where it shuld be backuped. Or you can dubleclik VM.


Backup removes all snapshots before backup.


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